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Béziers is an ancient Roman town , about 30 min. away from Cap d'Agde. The town is famous for its monumental cathedral Saint-Nazaire and the bullfights taking place annually during mid-August. This is the place of birth of Pierre-Paul Riquet, the designing engineer of the 'Canal du Midi' running through the town.
Jean Moulin, one of the leaders of the Résistance, was born in Béziers as well.

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City: Béziers
Cap d'Agde

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  Cap d'Agde
From the right banks of the Orb river the view to the town is particularly charming. In Bezier you will also find an overpass of the Canal du Midi. Thus, the canal runs above the Orb river. The „Neuf Ecluses des Canal du Midi“ are interesting as well. The „Neuf Ecluses“ is a flight of locks with nine locks lying one behind the other. It balances a difference in altitude of 25 metres. An engineering feat for that times. You can find this great lock which is 320 metres long after some four kilometres at the road N113 direction Narbonne. Nowadays, a parallel newer lock is on duty.
Cap d'Agde
  Cap d'Agde
Sights: Cathedral St. Nazaire and Pont VieuxAllée Paul-Riquet, the town centre, church St. Aphrodise (11th – 15th century), Hôtel de Ville (town hall, 18th century), cathedral St. Nazaire (13th – 14th and 18th century with the Musée Lapidaire (old gravestones and capitals), Musée des Beaux-Arts (paintings), Pont Vieux (old bridge, 14th – 16th century)
Cap d'Agde


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